Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jazz workshop “SaxAssault Session” with Andy Scott

Jazz workshop “SaxAssault Session” with Andy Scott

Calling All Saxophonists!

'SaxAssault Session' is playing through charts written for SaxAssault by award-winning composer/saxophonist & Royal Northern College of Music Tutor of Saxophone, Andy Scott.

Delve deep inside the charts that are scored for nine saxophones (sopranino to bass) & rhythm section, directed by Andy, with plenty of opportunities for improvised solos.

Within the charts there are opportunities for improvising, the emphasis is also on creating good ensemble, learning how to work with fellow musicians and create a group sound. Andy will direct and give an insight into the charts, and we will spend time on the improvised sections within each chart.

Date & Time:
25th September 14:00 - 18:30

Tutor & Musicians
Tutor: Andy Scott (from RNCM)
Drums : Marek Dorcik
Keyboard : TBA

White Swan 13 Green Street, Ladybarn, M14 6TL

40 pounds (advanced payment required)

Please indicate which saxophone you play. Materials will be supplied via email attachment after the closing date (15th September), about a week before the workshop.

The scoring of the SaxAssault charts is for; soprano x2, alto x2, tenor x3, baritone x2 (plus rhythm section).  First come first serve basis so secure your placement as soon as possible.

This session isn't just about reading chord symbols and improvising, it's more than that i.e. ensemble skills, sight-reading, improvising etc... however, ability to read music is required.

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